Raine Lauren Art



About Commissions

*** an important note about commissions

As most of y'all know I am a very busy college student at UT Austin, and because of this I am unable to complete commissions in the timeframe that most professional artists are able to complete them in. Because of this I require pieces larger than 11x14  to be ordered AT LEAST a month in advance before they are needed! Ex. If your mom's birthday is in a week and you want me to paint a 5 foot tall portrait of her I will need time to do so and it will most likely take me longer than a week. (for huge commissions like this I will probably need more than a month, a heads up). 


I am very flexible when it comes to what you want illustrated or commissioned. I do work with Chartpak AD markers and gouache mainly in my medium, along with micron pens and pencil. I will consider working with other mediums if requested. Remember -- every art project is different! Email me on the contact page to talk more about what you want done. 


I currently charge $15 an hour and do a $12 discount hourly rate for students! For more information about commission prices please email me on the contact page! I try my best to work with buyers and negotiate the best price option for them!